Your Global Itinerary Begins Here

With Frenchway Travel, begin a journey that knows no bounds. Our legacy of 38 years as the premier travel agency in New York and Paris has been built on delivering exceptional travel management solutions. Whether you’re commanding the driver’s seat with renowned partners like Hertz and Avis or indulging in the romance of the rails with Eurostar and Thalys, our commitment is to provide you with the highest level of personalized service. Set off with Frenchway Travel, where your itinerary is our masterpiece, crafted to perfection with a client-first philosophy.

Comprehensive Transportation Management

With a legacy spanning nearly four decades, Frenchway Travel has mastered the art of corporate travel. Our global reach extends beyond air travel, enveloping every mode of transportation your business requires. Whether you need the elegance of a private car to whisk you through the city streets or the efficiency of a high-speed train to surge across country lines, we are adept at orchestrating your entire journey. Our personalized approach means that each travel solution is as unique as the clients we serve, sculpted to fit the exact contours of your travel needs, preferences, and schedules.

Transportation Services

Last-Minute Bookings:

For urgent or unexpected travel, Frenchway Travel secures your last-minute bookings swiftly, ensuring you're always on time for your critical business engagements.

Car Rental Services:

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Hertz and Budget, we provide you with a vast selection of vehicles to meet your preference for comfort and style on the road.

Train Travel Arrangements:

Experience the charm of rail travel with our booking services for renowned train lines like Eurostar and Thalys, promising punctuality and picturesque journeys.

VIP and Executive Transfers:

Elevate your journey with our VIP transfer services, offering luxury cars and private chauffeurs for a seamless and stylish transit to your destination.

Global Flight Coordination:

Our extensive network allows us to coordinate your flights across all continents, ensuring a global reach with the added benefit of local insights from our offices in Paris and New York.

Personalized Travel Plans:

Each travel plan is crafted to align with your specific business needs, from preferred seating to tailored ground transportation, ensuring a personalized experience.

24/7 Support:

Our dedicated advisors offer round-the-clock support, providing peace of mind and assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

We negotiate the best rates and leverage our partnerships with top-tier providers like ACE RENT A CAR and National to deliver premium experiences without premium costs.


Frenchway excels in arranging seamless Car Rental Services for corporate executives. We connect you with premium, reliable fleets from reputable providers globally, ensuring style, comfort, and punctuality. Our team handles all details, from booking to insurance, making each journey a statement of sophistication and ease.

With Frenchway, coordinating Airport Shuttles for international conferences is effortless. We arrange shuttle services that prioritize punctuality and comfort, ensuring seamless transitions from air to ground. Our professional partners and meticulous planning guarantee that your team’s schedules are respected, providing a smooth start to any event.

Frenchway’s Group Bus Transport services offer immersive experiences for corporate retreats. We connect you with top-tier bus operators, ensuring each journey is comfortable and enriching. Our tailored itineraries and attention to detail ensure that your large group’s transportation is not just managed but transformed into a memorable part of your retreat.

Frenchway specializes in Sophisticated Journeys, offering VIP Chauffeur Transportation services. We arrange travel with luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs, ensuring every detail reflects your VIP clients’ high standards. Our commitment to privacy, comfort, and punctuality makes every trip an embodiment of elegance and discretion.

Absolutely, Frenchway’s “Navigate with Confidence” service customizes Car Rental options to align perfectly with your staff’s preferences. We offer a diverse fleet and flexible booking options, ensuring each traveler’s requirements are met with the utmost attention to style, comfort, and reliability.

Frenchway’s “Effortless Transitions” shuttle services are designed for flexibility. We handle last-minute changes or cancellations efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your travel plans. Our strong partnerships and proactive customer support keep your schedules seamless, even when faced with unpredictability.

Certainly, Frenchway coordinates Group Bus Transport services, each journey is an opportunity to immerse in local culture and experiences. We work with your team to provide optimal curated routes and knowledgeable guides ensure your corporate trips are not just travels but enriching narratives that resonate with the local essence.


Frenchway coordinates VIP Chauffeurs Transportation service and prioritizes safety and security, especially in unfamiliar destinations. We vet and partner with the most reputable service providers, ensuring that every vehicle is top-notch and every chauffeur is professionally trained, offering peace of mind along with luxury and discretion.

Travel, Tailored to Your Rhythm

Navigate the globe with an elegance that is distinctly Frenchway. We have charted a legacy that brings together the best of land and rail travel. Our extensive network includes illustrious partners such as Dollar, SIXT, and ICE, ensuring that wherever your business or leisure takes you, you have the finest selection of vehicles and train services at your fingertips. With Frenchway Travel, every mile is a testament to your discerning taste, and every journey is tailored to the rhythm of your needs and aspirations.

Customized Ground Transportation

Your journey on the ground is an integral part of your travel narrative. At Frenchway Travel, we curate a suite of ground transportation options that harmonize with your itinerary. From the moment you step off the plane, be greeted by a luxurious car rental from our partners like Avis and SIXT, or a chauffeured vehicle ready to navigate you through the city’s pulse. For those who seek discretion and comfort, our executive car services offer a sanctuary of privacy, ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready.

Rail Travel Services

Train travel offers a scenic route filled with tranquility and grace. Frenchway Travel’s rail services bring this experience to life, offering tickets and passes for Europe’s most renowned trains, such as Eurostar and Thalys. We ensure that your rail travel is not just a mode of transportation but a memorable part of your travel experience, providing optimal routes, schedules, and all the amenities you desire for a journey that’s as productive as it is pleasant.

Your Gateway to Global Travel Partnerships

At the heart of Frenchway Travel’s transportation services is a network of strategic partnerships, cultivated to offer you an array of choices without compromising on quality or cost-effectiveness. With these alliances, we deliver exclusive benefits and competitive rates, ensuring that whether you’re renting a car or boarding a train, you’re accessing the best the industry has to offer. Our partnership with ACE RENT A CAR, National, and other leading transportation providers is a testament to our commitment to bring you optimal travel solutions that meet our high standards of excellence and reliability.

Your Plans with Frenchway Assurance

Finalize your travel plans with the assurance that only Frenchway Travel can provide. Our distinguished partnerships with ACE RENT A CAR, National, and other global transportation leaders mean that you are assured not just a journey, but an experience that sets new standards in travel. With our bespoke solutions, your travels by road or rail will be as seamless as they are memorable. Conclude your arrangements with us, and embark on your next voyage with the confidence that comes from having the finest in global transportation at your service.

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