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With its French touch, Frenchway Travel handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. Read more…

With its French touch, Frenchway Travel handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. Read more…

Anne Rigail – Chief Executive Officer just sent out her message and wishes for 2021. She hopes that the new vaccines will enable people to resume experiences and will allow everyone to be closer to their loved ones.

She comes back on Air France’s mission statement for 2021 and on Air France’s accomplishments for 2020:

  1. Air France reimbursed 1.7 billion euros to their customers due to the COVID19 crisis. The sales teams are still processing the customers’ requests.
  2. Air France developed a label to ensure a safer travel: Air France Protect.
  3. All Air France tickets are fully-modifiable and refundable until the day of departure for all trips until Sept 30 2021.
  4. Air France contributed to transport surgical masks and medical equipment and will also contribute to transport vaccines around the world.
  5. Air France objective for 2021 is to reopen the skies, while continuing to impose the strictest health conditions.
  6. Environmental Air France’s objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, notably by renewing their fleet and to transform their domestic network, especially by developing intermodal connections with the train.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun testing a self-service facial recognition system to verify traveler IDs as travel begins to return amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Unlocking Luxury: Frenchway Travel’s Expert Guide to Hosting MICE Events in Paris

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The Top Hotels In Cannes Film Festival

The Top Hotels At Cannes Film Festival France, a country renowned for fashion, wine, and gourmet food, gets a steady influx of tourists all year round. And as if the country needs to get any busier, it truly reaches the peak of popularity during the Annual Cannes Film Festival. The 76th annual film festival will

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Flying Business Class from Miami to Paris with Air France

Frenchway Travel is the best way to book a flight with Air France from MIA to CDG. As a travel agency with more than thirty years of experience and strong ties with the airline, we can provide valuable assistance in many ways. First, a dedicated agent can help small and big groups find the best

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Air France Travel Point - Flying Blue

Air France Travel Points: Flying Blue

Taking Advantage of Air France Points Policies: How Frenchway Travel Helps Corporate Clients and Business Travelers Maximize Their Benefits Air France offers a variety of benefits to its frequent flyers through its loyalty programs like Flying Blue. Nevertheless, understanding and navigating the points policies of Air France can be challenging, especially for corporate and business clients

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Air France Boeing 777 Business Class

What to Know When Flying Air France Boeing 777 Business Class & First Class

Air France has a distinctive take on luxury products. This becomes even more apparent with their first-class cabins that offer more personalized services. In May 2022, the carrier made a splashy debut with brand-new business-class seat designs on select 777-300ER jets. The upgrade features sliding doors and direct aisle access, raising the bar for business

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Our latest articles to stay up to date on Covid19 & Travel, business traveling and more.

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Travel to France – January 2022

With its French touch, Frenchway Travel handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. Our clients work in fashion, sports, media, music, event travel, movie & TV production, advertising and the corporate world. We have great expertise in international travel and especially to and from

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Covid19 & France : Reopening calendar

Covid19 remains present in France with over 100,000 deaths due to Covid19. As of April 26th, the current Covid 19 incidence rate is 306 for 100,000 inhabitants. This rate is slowly receding and President Macron is working on easing Covid19 measures over the next two months. France hopes that every French adult will receive at

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Traveling to and from France during COVID-19

While the vaccines start to be distributed, the COVID-19 remains present in France and worldwide. It is therefore very important that everyone remains alert and respects both the barrier measures and the current restrictions. From Saturday April 3rd, restrictive measures already in force in some parts of France are extended to the whole of the

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Covid 19 & Vaccine Passport

Since the beginning of the pandemic one year ago, the hope of getting back to a new normal emerged recently with the different vaccines and their deployments. In order to make Travel safe again, the different countries and the travel industry are looking at new digitalized tools. In this article, we present to you what

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France: Train Travel & Covid 19

The pandemic changed the way we travel for almost a year now. We need more flexibility, more safety. And we also need to take into consideration the current state of traffic. We compiled the data available on the SNCF websites (OUI, SNCF & Covid19, SNCF & Climate Control) to present the current situation of train

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