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Anne Rigail – Chief Executive Officer just sent out her message and wishes for 2021. She hopes that the new vaccines will enable people to resume experiences and will allow everyone to be closer to their loved ones.

She comes back on Air France’s mission statement for 2021 and on Air France’s accomplishments for 2020:

  1. Air France reimbursed 1.7 billion euros to their customers due to the COVID19 crisis. The sales teams are still processing the customers’ requests.
  2. Air France developed a label to ensure a safer travel: Air France Protect.
  3. All Air France tickets are fully-modifiable and refundable until the day of departure for all trips until Sept 30 2021.
  4. Air France contributed to transport surgical masks and medical equipment and will also contribute to transport vaccines around the world.
  5. Air France objective for 2021 is to reopen the skies, while continuing to impose the strictest health conditions.
  6. Environmental Air France’s objective is to reduce CO2 emissions, notably by renewing their fleet and to transform their domestic network, especially by developing intermodal connections with the train.


EU officials are discussing a joint response to a new, more infectious Covid-19 variant in the UK, which has sparked travel bans by many countries. (see article)

In Paris and eight other French cities, restaurants, bars, cinemas and other establishments were being forced to close no later than 9 pm to try to reduce contact among people. (see article)

Expert answers questions for on how to handle a travel quarantine and travel ban; what are the current travel quarantine rules in the US by states and how to get professional help with navigating a travel quarantine and ban.

The following countries on the list has no quarantines, no COVID-19 testing requirements and is accepting American travelers: Albania, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Serbia, Tanzania, Kosovo, North Macedonia (see article on Travel off Path)

Every year, the European Best Destination organization releases its approved list of beautiful European cities that host the best Christmas markets. This year’s list includes destinations where you can enjoy Christmas while still following strict health and sanitary rules, like Madeira Islands, Portugal; Tallinn, Estonia; Vienna, Austria; Criova, Romania; Prague, Czech Republic or Dresden, Germany. (see article)

Paris Fashion Week is starting in a few days and will be both digital and in-person this year. Check the calendar for more detail.

ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) goes virtual. ILTM Cannes postponed to 2021.

Please have a look to   the COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map  to have the last updated information regarding the travel regulations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paris Airport : Covid-19 new measures update, including terminal changes. Paris CDG Airport: Terminal 1, 2D, 2G and 3 are temporarily closed until further notice.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun testing a self-service facial recognition system to verify traveler IDs as travel begins to return amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlines planned to offer 3.2 million seats in August on international flights from the U.S (77% less than last year). See  Travel Weekly article.

United, American and Delta are getting rid of the change fee for travel within the USA! See Conde Nast Traveler article.

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