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We know how to handle the travel for production or travel arrangements for the production  industry.

We work with agencies along with their production teams to make sure that the directors, actors, producers, photographers, stylists, project managers  and technical teams get to where they need to go.

Our services: Travel for Production

  • A highly reliable and proactive team, with a dedicated agent for your company’s bookings
  • Offices in Paris and New York which means we service nearly all time zones
  • An emergency contact number for weekends and holidays
  • Possibility of holding options
  • Best business class and first class rates
  • Preferential hotel rates in the most sought after hotels along with a private hotel booking platform 
  • Personalized VIP service
  • Streamlined accounting for our contractual clients
  • Most importantly, over 35 years experience handling the travel arrangements for fast paced creative industries

Frenchway is your one-stop shop for all your production travel needs! Our 35 years of experience is why we are number one in the business. We will help you with everything from flights, freights, hotel bookings, and transportation while ensuring you get the best rates.

Traveling as a production company may sound overwhelming, but it does not have to be. At Frenchway, we know how to guarantee smooth and efficient travel regardless of the travel date or group size. Read more…


Contact us to find out how we can optimise your company’s travel spending or simply plan your next trip.

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