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From photo shoots to location scouting, from advertising to cinema, we know how to work with creatives and their production teams. Let us get you and your equipment around the world, no matter your budget or schedule. Frenchway Travel can handle all your corporate travel needs. We will provide you the best Custom Tailored Corporate Travel Solutions.

- Our Services: Travel for Tv & Cinema Productions -

  • A highly reliable and proactive team, with a dedicated agent for your company’s bookings
  • Offices in Paris and New York which means we service nearly all time zones
  • An emergency contact number for weekends and holidays
  • Possibility of holding options
  • Best business class and first class rates
  • Preferential hotel rates in the most sought after hotels along with a private hotel booking platform 
  • Personalized VIP service
  • Streamlined travel expense management for our contractual clients
  • Most importantly, over 38 years experience handling the travel arrangements for fast paced creative industries
Travel Needs For Production Companies

About this article

Our objective is to give you some tips to help you handle your travel needs for the next shoot or production. We help companies when they need to plan the travel arrangements to the set location, flying staff members, accessing VIP services or planning for the unforeseen.

  1. The first part will introduce you to popular locations and cities around the world for film production.
  2. The second part will talk about EU countries film TV productions travel ban exceptions.
  3. The third part will be about charter flight and provides you some tips about changeable flights.
  4. The last part will conclude with some travel planning tips.

Contact us to find out how we can optimise your company’s travel spending or simply plan your next trip.

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