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Welcome to Frenchway Hotel Booking Services, where every stay is tailored to exceed the expectations of the discerning traveler. With over three decades of expertise in exclusive travel arrangements, Frenchway invites you to indulge in the comfort and sophistication of our handpicked hotels. We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke accommodation plans that cater to the unique needs of our corporate clients.

Hotel Services

Five-Star Luxury Hotels:

Access to world-class five-star luxury hotels globally.

Group Bookings:

Expert management of group hotel bookings for events.

Exclusive Rates and Benefits:

Competitive rates and exclusive benefits at top-tier hotels.

Corporate Hotel Accounts:

Comprehensive hotel booking services for corporate events.

Unique Hotel Venues:

Specialized booking for film, photoshoots, and private events in unique hotel settings.


At Frenchway Travel, clients enjoy special benefits like complimentary room upgrades, late check-outs, and unique amenities at world-class five-star hotels. These exclusive perks, tailored for the discerning traveler, enhance the luxury experience, ensuring a memorable and exceptional experience.

Frenchway Travel specializes in securing advantageous rates for luxury hotels, particularly catering to the unique needs of production companies, fashion houses, and modeling agencies. By leveraging our strong industry relationships and negotiation expertise, we ensure these clients, who demand high standards and exclusive services, receive the best possible rates and luxury experiences.

Yes, Frenchway Travel specializes in managing all aspects of group hotel bookings for corporate events. We ensure every detail aligns with the event’s objectives and attendees’ comfort, reflecting our commitment to excellence in corporate travel and event planning.

Frenchway Travel’s corporate hotel account services are distinguished by their bespoke nature, aligning with each company’s brand and event needs. From venue selection to rate negotiation, we provide a seamless and efficient booking process, ideal for businesses that value precision and quality.

Frenchway Travel focuses on sourcing hotels that offer the perfect aesthetic and logistical fit for creative projects. We select venues that provide the right backdrop and support specific project needs, catering to clients in the creative industries who seek inspiring and functional spaces.

Absolutely. Frenchway Travel is adept at arranging hotel venues for a range of specialized events hosted by production companies, fashion houses, and modeling agencies. We understand the necessity for style, sophistication, and privacy in these events and tailor our hotel booking services to meet these exacting standards, ensuring each event is as unique and glamorous as our clients.

Recognizing the demanding schedules of our clients in fashion, production, and modeling industries, Frenchway Travel meticulously integrates hotel bookings into their comprehensive travel itineraries. We coordinate every aspect, from check-in to check-out, ensuring a seamless, time-efficient, and luxurious stay that aligns perfectly with their professional commitments and schedules.

Production companies, fashion houses, and modeling agencies looking to plan a luxury hotel experience can start by contacting Frenchway Travel. Our team, with extensive experience in high-end travel and an understanding of the unique demands of these industries, is prepared to curate an exceptional hotel experience tailored to the specific needs and preferences of these discerning clients.


Refine Your Stay with Frenchway's Exclusive Hotel Services

Our expert concierge team is dedicated to curating your ideal accommodation experience. Indulge in the unparalleled comfort of our selected hotels, crafted to meet the high standards of our corporate clients. Connect with us today to transform your business travel into an experience of ultimate luxury and convenience.

Five-Star Luxury Hotels: Access to World-Class Five-Star Luxury Hotels Globally

Frenchway Travel provides exclusive access to the most prestigious five-star luxury hotels around the world. Our clients experience unparalleled luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. From iconic global landmarks to secluded boutique gems, our selection of hotels epitomizes the pinnacle of opulent accommodation, boasting exquisite design, superior amenities, and world-class hospitality. Our deep understanding of luxury and commitment to excellence ensure that every hotel stay becomes a remarkable experience.

Group Bookings: Expert Management of Group Hotel Bookings for Events

Frenchway Travel excels in organizing group hotel bookings for various events, including corporate gatherings, conferences, and special celebrations. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique dynamics of group travel and ensuring that every aspect, from room allocation to event-specific requirements, is meticulously catered to. We coordinate with top hotels to ensure that all group members enjoy a seamless and comfortable stay, tailored to the group’s collective and individual needs.

Exclusive Rates and Benefits: Competitive Rates and Exclusive Benefits at Top-Tier Hotels

Leveraging our extensive network and industry relationships, Frenchway Travel secures the most competitive rates and exclusive benefits for our clients at leading hotels. These benefits often include preferred room rates, complimentary upgrades, late check-out options, and special amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. Our clients enjoy a level of luxury and value that is unmatched, making their stays both extraordinary and economical.

Corporate Hotel Accounts: Comprehensive Hotel Booking Services for Corporate Events

Frenchway Travel offers comprehensive hotel booking services specifically tailored for corporate events. We understand the importance of finding the right hotel that aligns with a company’s brand image and event objectives. Our team manages all aspects of the booking process, from selecting the ideal venue to negotiating rates and arranging on-site logistics. We ensure that every corporate event is supported by suitable accommodation solutions that contribute to the event’s success and the comfort of all attendees.

Unique Hotel Venues: Specialized Booking for Film, Photoshoots, and Private Events in Unique Hotel Settings

At Frenchway Travel, we specialize in securing unique hotel venues for film productions, photoshoots, and private events. Recognizing the importance of the right setting for creative projects and special occasions, we source hotels that offer not only the perfect backdrop but also cater to specific logistical needs. Our expertise in this niche area ensures that our clients have access to extraordinary venues that add an element of exclusivity and uniqueness to their projects or events.

Craft the Ultimate Business Stay with Frenchway

Let us elevate your hotel bookings to new heights of sophistication and personalization. Reach out now to ensure your next corporate journey is defined by comfort, elegance, and efficiency. Your exceptional travel experience awaits.

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