Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022

With its French touch, The Frenchway Travel handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. Our clients work in fashion, sports, media, music, event travel, movie & TV production, advertising and the corporate world. So it’s only natural that we will bring you to the Big Four Fashion Weeks, and their catwalks. We have great expertise in international travel and especially to and from France, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

While we’re getting used to live with Covid-19, the Fashion Week 2022 should feature digital & in-person shows. In this article, we present to you the 2022 calendar of the Fall Winter big 4 : New York, London Milan and Paris!

New York Fashion Week – 

Fall Winter 2022


The New York Fashion Week is scheduled from Friday, February 11th to Wednesday, February 16th 2022

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) handles the Fashion Calendar. The CFDA, founded in 1962, consists of 477 of America’s fashion designers. The CFDA is collaborating with IMG to plan the NY fashion week schedule. CFDA’s mission statement: “our mission is to strengthen the impact of american fashion in the global economy”.

London Fashion Week –

Fall Winter 2022

The London Fashion Week is scheduled from Friday, February 18th to Tuesday, February 22nd 2022. The London Fashion Week will be hybrid again, with Catwalks and shows as well as digital content. The application for the designers is open through January 7th (for digital) or February 4th 2022 (for physical event).

The British Fashion Council (BFC) handles the London Fashion Week. It was founded in 1983 and then became the BFC Foundation in 2019 to incorporate all its charitable initiatives.

BFC Mission Statement: “Strengthen British Fashion in the global fashion economy as a leader in responsible creative businesses. Empower and engage all within the British Fashion industry to play their part in positive growth. We will do this through championing diversity, building and inviting the industry to actively participate in a network to accelerate a successful circular fashion economy.

Milan Fashion Week –

Fall Winter 2022


The Milan Fashion Week is scheduled from Wednesday, February 22nd to Tuesday, February 28th 2022. 

The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion – CNMI) handles the Milan Fashion Week. It was founded in 1958 under the name of the Camera Sindacale della Moda Italiana.

CNMI Mission Statement: “It aims to protect, co-ordinate and strengthen its image, both in Italy and abroad.

Paris Fashion Week –

Fall Winter 2022

The Haute Couture Week – Spring Summer 2022 is scheduled from Monday, January 24th to Thursday, January 27th 2022. French Fashions Houses count among them Christian Dior, Chanel or Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Paris Fashion Week, last of the big Four, is scheduled from Monday, February 28th to Tuesday, March 8th 2022. 

The FHCM (Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode) handles the Fashion Calendar. It was founded in 1868, therefore it celebrated its 150 years in 2018! It consists of more than one hundred members and promotes the fashion culture à la Française. The FHCM  regroups 3 central bodies (Haute Couture, Couturiers’ and Fashion Designers’ Ready-to-Wear, Men’s Fashion). FHCM’s mission statement: “ It expresses, both in France and on the international scene, a strategic, economic, technological, cultural and even political vision of fashion and creation. As a core element of an ecosystem resolutely geared towards the future, the Federation lies at the heart of the fashion industry’s changes and challenges.”

The Frenchway Travelaccompanies you to the Big Four 


For the past 38 years, The Frenchway travel has been the best corporate travel agency in Paris and New York. We specialize in providing the highest level of personalized service on short notice due to our client-first approach. The secret of a wonderful trip lies in the attention to detail, to ensure that your travel will turn out smooth:

  • If your flight encounters any change or delay, we’ll inform you in the first place and handle the follow-up issues. 
  • We standby 24 hours behind the scenes to ensure that you can enjoy your trip. If something happens beyond your control, you can contact us at any time. We’ll be around to help you out with professional expertise to manage any unforeseen development.
  • Any special travel requirements? Need to handle the transportation of fragile/ bulky equipment in a safe and timely manner? Just let us know. We’ll take care of all your requests and customize an exceptional travel experience just for you.
  • Our clients can count on our discretion and will have complete privacy. We won’t intrude into their travel experience with things they don’t need. We put the steer in the hands of our clients, but when they need us, we’re just by their side to help. Frenchway can also accompany you if you need a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) signed for your VIP traveler.

To conclude, don’t wait anymore and contact us for your next Fashion Week.

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