Travel Tips: Best Ways To Sleep On An Airplane

Do you know the feeling when you’ve just arrived at the airport after a long-haul flight and you didn’t sleep at all? We’ve all been there….waiting for our suitcases at the luggage carousel and feeling exhausted! For the best sleep, obviously a seat in business or first class is better than an economy seat. (Many of the upgraded cabins on the top airlines offer fully lie-flat seats.) But what to do when you’re not able to fly business or first class? This blog post will cover some of the best ways to actually get some sleep on a plane. Let’s start with the clothes. Dress for the occasion!  When you prepare yourself for sleep at home, you’re generally not going to sleep in your jeans. Wear comfortable clothes; you don’t have to travel in your pajamas, but you can wear looser and less restrictive clothing, like a hoody. It can also be cold on planes, so take some thick socks with you. Additionally, packing thinks like a travel or neck pillow, a good sleep mask that blocks out light, noise-canceling earplugs, can also be helpful for getting a better rest. Also very important, put your seatbelt above your blanket. In case the seatbelt sign is lit up while you’re asleep, the cabin crew doesn’t have to wake you up if they see you already tightened your belt. If you can choose between a window seat and an aisle seat, it might be best to reserve a window seat. You can put your pillow between the hull of the aircraft and your head, and you have more space at your side. When in an aisle seat you may be disturbed by other passengers passing through the aisle or if your neighbor has to go to the restroom. If the flight is not fully booked, be nice to the cabin crew! They might let you move to an unoccupied seat, where you have no passengers next to you so you can stretch out and start relaxing. What about the food and drinks during your flight? You should drink lots of water and stay away from caffeinated soft drinks. Moreover, skipping the alcohol can help avoid dehydration. Finally, steer clear of foods that you know cause you gastrointestinal distress, and don’t overindulge on the snacks and drinks provided in flight. We hope that these tips will help you get some shuteye on your next flight. If you’re one of those people who are able to easily fall asleep on a plane, please share any additional secrets and tips!

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