5 Best Vineyard Areas to Visit in the French Countryside

The Burgundian life, does that appeal to you? Are you a wine drinker and do you love France? If so, visiting a vineyard when traveling to France might be right up your alley. We have listed the five best areas to visit a vineyard on your next French excursion, in random order, they are:
1 – Côtes du Rhône In the Rhône valley, along one of the major rivers of Europe, you can visit vineyards where they produce some of the most famous wines in the world. It is one of the oldest wine areas of France. Here they have both red and white grapes, although the majority is red. Hermitage, Côtie-Rôtie, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and Vacqueras are just a few of the many wines they produce here under the southern sun. Besides visiting the vineyards, this region is also a perfect destination to visit famous buildings, like the Pont du Gard and the Palace of the Popes of Avignon.
2 – Bordeaux Every wine drinker must have heard about the Bordeaux wines; they’re world-famous! In this area, you can find the oldest and largest fine-wine vineyards in the world. The diversity of the wine-growing districts allows for the production of many different types of wines such as reds, dry or sweet whites, rosés, light reds and sparkling whites. This exceptional wine-growing area includes famous names such as Saint-Julien, Sauternes, and Medoc. Why should you visit this region? Next, to the significant amount of vineyards, Bordeaux is also well worth a visit. Some hectares of this city listed a UNESCO World Heritage site. Alternatively, visit the different stages of the famous Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pilgrimage trail.

3 – Savoie

The Savoie is located near the border of Italy. These landscapes are world famous for their beauty. In summers you can go hiking, in the winters go skiing, but did you know you can taste the red and white wines throughout the whole year? With an exceptional view over the Alps where Mont Blanc is towering above, is this an excellent area for wine lovers. Recognized for their quality, the Savoie wines are essentially divided into reds and whites, but also rosés and sparkling wines.

4 – Bourgogne The Bourgogne vineyards extend 230 km from north to south. The name given to the individual areas of the vineyard do we call Climate. These Climates are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Only in this region, they produce hundreds of different wines! The Bourgogne vineyards are suited to the production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties. Throughout the year they organize hundreds of wine events so that you can experience the traditions and festive atmosphere.
5 – Provence In the Provence, in the south of France, we can find 430 vineyards and cooperative wine cellars. Once they started only producing rosé, but the winemakers have developed extensive expertise, and now they also produce well-rounded red wines and refreshing and very aromatic white wines. This region is very suitable if you want to explore famous old cities, authentic markets, and history. If your favorite area for visiting vineyards is not mentioned in the list above, tell us where you have been. We would love to hear your experiences! Please make sure to contact us at 212-243-3500 or email at info@ for any arrangements or questions.
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