How To Avoid Jet Lag While Flying between America and Europe?

For those frequently flying for business, it can be a challenge to beat the jet lag every time you take a trip to another time zone. By following the steps mentioned in this blog post, one can reduce the adjustment period for their next trip.

Jet lag is the consequence of the fact that our biological clock needs to adjust to the new time zone at our arrival destination.  It’s said that jet lag is worst when flying to the east, and that jet lag caused due to flying west, is not as severe to beat. It’s easier for our internal clock to adopt a phase delay (when the clock is set backward)… It’s another story when your body has to get used to a new rhythm when the clock moves forward.

For our frequent flyers, we’ve selected the ten best tips we could find to avoid jet lag on your next flight:

1 – Anticipate the time change for trips by getting up and going to bed earlier several days before an eastward trip and later for a westward trip.

2 – If you’re wearing a watch, change the time to the destination time zone when entering the plane.

3 – Avoid drinking alcohol during your flight. It’s even better if you avoid alcohol and caffeine the first hours and days at your new destination.

4 – If possible, fly in one direction when you have multiple stopovers. If you have a long-haul flight for over 10 hours, it’s recommended to fly westward.

5 – Try to get outside in the sunlight whenever possible. Daylight is a stimulant for regulating the biological clock.

6 – You can take a power nap if you need it, but no longer than 20 minutes or so.

7 – Stay up at least until 9 p.m. local time.

8 – If the trip is short, you can try to continue the same rhythm of home. But this will be hard if you have any meetings during the day.

9 – Using melatonin the first days of your trip prior you go to sleep can have a positive effect on your jet lag.

10 – Last but not least, don’t make significant decisions the first day. If you’re flying in for a business meeting and know you won’t be super-sharp, consider arriving a day ahead of time.

Wrap Up

Are you ready to beat your jet lag on your next trip? Let us know if these tips were helpful for you! Are we missing an important tip? Write to us, or leave a comment so that you can share your tips with the rest of the world!

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