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In case of unforeseen problems, a dedicated agent that handles your account will manage your request ASAP.

What we can do for you:

  • Industry Support

    We know in theproductionindustry, often you don’t know your destination and departure date until shortly before. This can make it difficult to plan your trip compared to leisure travelers who usually book their arrangements months before.

  • Great Connection

    If you regularly fly for business, Frenchway is a trustworthy company for booking your travels. Frenchway has made a name for itself in handling last-minute bookings with complex itineraries. Our travel specialists make sure that even on short notice; our clients get the best as possible. 

  • 24Hr Services
    Do you have a last minute change for a client or a request for the boss that requires you to change your itinerary ? No problem 

Enter your destination and your travel dates and choose your options and preferences

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Online booking 24 / 7

Tracking reservations

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Secure online payment

Collaborative planning

Alert reminder management

Travel group booking

Contact us to find out how we can optimise your company’s travel spending or simply plan your next trip.

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