How does Frenchway Travel Help Production Companies

Frenchway Travel is  always at your side to help your production company shape your next project and book your next shooting. Your travel advisor is here to support you in planning your next shooting, even more during the pandemic. Communication with your travel advisor will be a fundamental part of your preparation. By phone (New York : +1 212 243 3500, Paris : + 33 1 44 06 08 70) or by email, we’re available at every step of the setup. We are very responsive, so if your plan is changing, we can quickly adapt your booking. What are the different steps?

How to book your production?

Step 1 –  Define your project

As a production company, you will provide the physical basis for works in the artistics fields, like performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, interactive arts, music, and video. The production staff will take care of the technical aspects, from A to Z, giving life to the project. The production team will handle: budgeting, scheduling, scripting, recruiting the talents and staff, production itself, post-production, distribution and marketing. 

In order to set your production, You will define the place and date of shooting and an estimation of the number of crew members traveling. You will require at least:

  • One to two cameras and lighting equipment for one location shooting;
  • Production equipment, leased or purchased; 
  • Experienced professional talent and crew.

Once you contact Frenchway Travel with the main lines of your project, your travel advisor will look into it and propose you the best options available. Are all the crew members traveling at the same date? From the same place and back to the same city? With the same class of service? Do you need lodging as well? Define your criterias and we’ll tailor your travel plan. 

For example, for a shooting of 2 days in Monaco, the artist, photograph, photograph assistant, agent and digital technician would be travelling on day one. While the makeup artist and his/her assistant and the hair artist and his/her assistant will arrive only on day 2. They would all leave on day 3, once the shooting is over.

Step 2 –  Book your option

Once you receive the different options, we’ll book the one you choose. To finalize your booking, you will need to send us a copy of the passport or ID card if traveling within Europe. Thanks to our extensive global network, we’ll find you the best travel conditions and we may be able to add a few perks like early check-in or complimentary breakfast.

Change of plan, you need to fly a new hair artist ? Don’t hesitate to call us asap to handle any change you need. An emergency, your photograph missed his/her connection? We are here to help you find a solution at the best price possible.

It will also be time to book your media & equipment transportation. At Frenchway, we are used to working with production companies and to handle the transportation of fragile/ bulky equipment in a safe and timely manner. Especially in case of travel with more than one leg, Frenchway will make sure your baggage will follow you at your connexion(s). We have more than 38 years of experience in that domain and many production companies trust us to handle their travel needs.

Step 3 –  Enjoy your shooting

Once the crew arrives at the location, do what you do best and let us handle the last details with your lodging or your flight back. Some of the crew members need to stay one more night or negotiate a late check-out ? Delay their flight a few hours? Don’t hesitate to call or email us one more time and we will take care of the last minute changes.

Along the way of your next shooting, Frenchway Travel will be here to help you handle all the travel needs of your crew. So don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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