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Frenchway: Travel Considerations for Model Agencies when Handling Models & Artists 
Interview with Pauline, Travel Advisor, Paris Platform Manager

With the Big Four coming up right after summer,  Frenchway presents you a series of articles to help you get ready for the next Fashion Week! Today we interviewed our unique Pauline, Travel Advisor, Paris Platform Manager. 

Hi Pauline, could you please say a few words about you?

Yes, sure. I’ve been working as a Travel Advisor for 6 years now. Frenchway Travel and I, it’s a long story. I started at Frenchway as an intern in 2015. Since then I have gained a lot of experience as I am now the Paris Platform Manager of Frenchway Travel.

Who are your main customers?

Frenchway Travel works with a large variety of creative industries, in the fashion industry and PR industry, and with production companies (music clips, documentaries, advertisement…). So my customers are often the bookers who are representing the models or artists, and the producers, who are handling the technical aspects, from A to Z of a production. With my expertise, in a few minutes and with a few questions, I am able to determine the travel needs of their models/artists/crew and give them a quote and different options.

As you work with the Fashion Industry and the Model Agencies, do you help them attend the different Fashion Shows along the year?

Of Course! The different Fashion shows, especially the Big Four, are a busy season for Frenchway! We handle travel arrangements for models, make-up artists, hair artists, assistants… We usually take care of their flights, hotels and ground transportation if needed.

Usually how long before the Fashion Week, do you start booking for the models?

So it will be very variable. Usually for the September “Big Four”, we’ll start giving a few quotations and holding some flight options in June or July, before summer vacations and we start booking photographs. Hotels booking will be made later on. But most of the bookers are asking us to handle the travel needs of their models two to three weeks before the events. For the Paris Platform, the big rush is when transitioning from Milan Fashion Week to Paris’ one. 

From your experience, what are the benefits of using a travel advisor to book the models and artists’ trip?

There are many benefits. The obvious one is peace of mind: you need to modify his/her trip, we’re here! The model missed his/her connection, call us! You need to book an extra night at his/her hotel, shoot us an email. The second very important one is the price. With our extensive network and our experience, we will get the best price available. Then, Frenchway can help you manage and redeem your miles.

How else do you help the travelers?

We handle all the travel arrangements from top to finish, so we advise them with their visa, we do the checking, and book your food option on the flight.

What is the most complicated kind of trip you had to handle? What advice do you have for the bookers?

When you have a model who has to attend different shows in the different Fashion Weeks, you have to create a multi-legs trip with some stops of only a few hours/days. At Frenchway, we check what are the different options available, how long are the connection times, what are the options if a leg is missed or canceled. We always suggest to our customers that the models arrive at least the day before the show to get a good night of rest!



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