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COVID-19 News

Traveling to and from France during COVID-19

While the vaccines start to be distributed, the COVID-19 remains present in France and worldwide. It is therefore very important that everyone remains alert and respects both the barrier measures and the current restrictions. From Saturday April 3rd, restrictive measures already in force in some parts of France are extended to the whole of the

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Covid 19 & Vaccine Passport

Since the beginning of the pandemic one year ago, the hope of getting back to a new normal emerged recently with the different vaccines and their deployments. In order to make Travel safe again, the different countries and the travel industry are looking at new digitalized tools. In this article, we present to you what

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France: Train Travel & Covid 19

The pandemic changed the way we travel for almost a year now. We need more flexibility, more safety. And we also need to take into consideration the current state of traffic. We compiled the data available on the SNCF websites (OUI, SNCF & Covid19, SNCF & Climate Control) to present the current situation of train

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What are the Travel Restrictions for China 2021?

This is a research on the travel restrictions of Mainland China both domestically and internationally. The purpose of this report is to understand the rules and regulations impacting direct business that may have an effect on international businesses. What are the travel Advisory Guidelines for Mainland China? Since March 29, the Civil Aviation Administration of

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Coronavirus Face Mask Airlines’ Policies

    Masks are mandatory at the airports and during the entire flight. All the airlines don’t follow exactly the same policy. To help you see more clearly between the different airlines’ rules, we have listed the Coronavirus Face Mask Policy of seven of them. Air France Who Must Wear:  Passengers aged 11 and above

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5 Largest Airports in France

With its French touch, Frenchway Travele handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. Our clients work in fashion, sports, media, music, event travel, movie & TV production, advertising and the corporate world. We have great expertise in international travel and especially to and from

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How does Frenchway Travel Help Production Companies

Frenchway Travel is  always at your side to help your production company shape your next project and book your next shooting. Your travel advisor is here to support you in planning your next shooting, even more during the pandemic. Communication with your travel advisor will be a fundamental part of your preparation. By phone (New

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Brexit and Travel – What do you need to know

On December 24th 2020, the EU and UK reached a trade and cooperation agreement. January 1st 2021, The United Kingdom officially exited the EU. New rules apply to travel and business between the UK and Europe. One change is that EU rules on free movement will no longer apply to travel to and from the

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Guidelines for the France Visa Application

For the past 38 years, Frenchway travel has been the best corporate travel agency in Paris and New York. We provide customers the best corporate travel experience. In this blog, we will provide you information regarding if you need a visa for your next business travel in France and how to obtain it. All the

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Flying from New York to Paris – 2010-2019

The following paragraphs will present an analysis of the travelling historic from New York to Paris. The dataset is from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  2010-2019 Trend   From 2010 to 2019, The number of passengers flying from New York to Paris steadily increased by 55%, from 0.58 million to 0.9 million. The Number of

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Flying from the US to Paris – 2010 to 2020

In this article, we have analyzed the trends of travelers flying to Paris from the US. From which city do they travel? Did it change in the last few years? What is the favorite season of the years of the travelers? Read on to know more… The dataset is from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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