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Comprehensive Expense Solutions:

Harness the power of a comprehensive suite specifically designed to tackle the intricacies of travel expense management. This suite includes Certify Expense & AP for intuitive expense reporting and approval workflows, Emburse Analytics for deep insights and data-driven decisions, and Emburse Cards tailored for flexible spending and reconciliation. The integration of these tools ensures a robust platform that simplifies expense management enhances visibility and drives policy compliance​​.

Travel Management Services

Comprehensive Expense Solutions:

Tailor-made solutions for effortless expense management and data analysis.

Flexible Expense Credit Cards:

Versatile and secure payment solutions with both virtual and physical cards.

Enhanced Expense Tracking & Control:

Streamlined expense management with mobile capture, role-based permissions, and automated categorization.

Advanced Financial Safeguarding & Insights:

Cutting-edge fraud protection, instantaneous insights, and streamlined funding processes.


Frenchway Travel offers a suite of tools including Certify Expense & AP for intuitive expense reporting and approval workflows, Emburse Analytics for deep insights and data-driven decisions, and Emburse Cards for flexible spending and reconciliation. These integrated tools simplify expense management, enhance visibility, and drive policy compliance.


Our flexible expense credit cards, available in both virtual and physical formats, provide a secure and efficient way to manage business expenses. They ensure compliance with company policies while offering real-time insights into spending patterns, streamlining the expense management process and reducing administrative overhead.


Enhanced Expense Tracking & Control includes mobile receipt capture, automated reminders for timely expense reporting, role-based permissions for structured approval processes, and automated categorization of expenses. These features simplify the expense management process and provide deep insights for strategic decision-making.


We provide world-class fraud protection mechanisms to safeguard your organization’s financial assets. Additionally, our real-time insights and detailed reporting tools empower you to make informed strategic decisions. Our instantaneous funding request and approval system streamlines financial operations, ensuring efficient fund allocation.

Yes, Frenchway Travel offers solutions for last-minute travel needs. Our expense management tools and flexible credit cards allow you to handle urgent expenses efficiently, ensuring that all transactions are compliant and properly recorded, even on short notice.


Our integrated expense management tools automate many administrative tasks such as receipt capture, expense categorization, and approval workflows. This automation reduces the time and effort required from your finance team, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


Frenchway Travel provides 24/7 support through our dedicated travel advisors. Whether you need assistance with expense tracking, credit card issues, or financial reporting, our team is always available to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.


Our tools are designed to align with your corporate travel policies, offering features such as automated expense categorization, role-based permissions, and approval workflows. These features ensure that all expenses are tracked and reported in compliance with your company’s policies, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Flexible Expense Credit Cards:

Adapt to the dynamic needs of business travel with our flexible expense credit cards, offering both virtual and physical options for enhanced control and convenience. These cards provide a secure and efficient way to manage business expenses, ensuring compliance with company policies while offering real-time insights into spending patterns. The cards are designed to streamline the expense management process, reduce administrative overhead, and provide a seamless experience for both travelers and finance teams.

Enhanced Expense Tracking & Control:

Revolutionize your expense management process with our advanced features designed for maximum efficiency and control. Seamlessly capture receipts on-the-go with our mobile receipt capture feature, ensuring no expense goes unrecorded. Automated reminders keep track of submissions, ensuring timely expense reporting. Role-based permissions and approval flows bring structure and transparency to your expense approval process, empowering you to maintain control over your organization’s spending. Furthermore, our system smartly categorizes expenses, reducing manual data entry and enhancing the accuracy of your financial reports. This integrated approach not only simplifies the expense management process but also provides deep insights, enhancing compliance and strategic decision-making.

Advanced Financial Safeguarding & Insights:


Ready to Transform Your Corporate Travel Management?

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